Sick days

Figured I’d drop a quick note and let you all know I’ve been sick since Friday, hence the blog silence. I’m also going to be traveling this weekend. I have a drink in the backlog to write up and then I’ll need to catch up a bit, so I apologize for the delay.


A few days before New Year’s Eve a friend mentioned he wanted to try a 365 project for the next year.

“Oh, where you take a picture of yourself every day for a year?”

“Well, that’s one way to do a project, but it could honestly be anything. I was thinking of mixing a new drink every day, or practicing my calligraphy and typography. What do you think?”

“I think you should do the typography thing because I AM TOTALLY STEALING THE COCKTAIL PROJECT.”


Several years ago I bought my partner a bartender’s roll for a gift. He enjoyed mixing drinks for one or two parties, but mostly found himself with a backache and not enough time to spend with the party guests. Sometime in the last year I started using a few of those tools to make simple drinks for myself at home. Not long after that I had bought some new barware, started taking home menus from my favorite cocktail bars, and attempting my own versions for friends. So the idea of trying to make a new cocktail every day for a year, while a little intimidating, seemed like a perfect fit for me.

Welcome to the ride.